Four people need medical assistance after a three-vehicle collision near Aylesbury


Four people required medical attention after a three-vehicle collision near Aylesbury yesterday (9 February).

Three men and a woman received help from paramedics from South Central Ambulance, after crashing on Aylesbury Road in Haddenham.

Responders from the Bucks Fire and Rescue Department were called to the scene at 1.50pm, three fire engines were dispatched to the collision.

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Bucks Fire and Rescue Service

Two of the men and the woman were able to get out of their car without further assistance, one man was rescued by firefighters.

They used specialized equipment to extricate the man from his car.

A Thames Valley police officer was also on hand to secure the area.

A day earlier, the Bucks Fire Department had been called to attend to a burning log basket.

At a house in Portway Road, Stone, a basket was left too close to a wood-burning stove and set on fire.

When two fire engines arrived on the scene, the flames had already been extinguished.

Firefighters used ventilation devices to evacuate the smoke.

A spokesperson for Bucks Fire and Rescue said: “If you have an open fire, wood-burning stove or cooker, be careful what you place next to them – heat transfer or jumping sparks can cause smoldering and cause a fire.More information and safety tips can be read in our recent news article ‘Prevent flames from spreading further than the chimney’.


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