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By: Mariama Njie

Saifulie Jallow, a 12-year-old boy who has been diagnosed with heart disease, is currently in need of medical assistance for treatment abroad in order to save his life and regain good health.

Appealing on behalf of his son, Yerro Jallow, his father, who lives in the village of Busumbala, called on the government, NGOs, philanthropists and others for overseas medical assistance for his 12-year-old son. years old, Saifulie Jallow.

Mr. Jallow who entered The voice helpless, explained that “Saifulie has been diagnosed with heart disease at the MRC since 2014 where we normally take her for monthly check-ups and her medication to calm her situation. But he is now referred for medical treatment abroad.

He noted that the son had struggled with this illness ever since and it worried him all the more that he could not get help for his son.

Mr Jallow added: “Since being diagnosed with heart disease since 2014, I have sought help from many institutions, but to no avail.”

According to the medical report obtained from the Bakau Medical Research Council Unit, the patient was presented to the MRC in October 2014 to complain of shortness of breath and clubbing. He added that ECHO had been arranged and that he had a tetralogy of Fallot with a pulmonary gradient of 85 mmHg.

He has been followed in clinic since and his O2 saturations are typically 70%.

“Recently, he developed a fever and seizures and was admitted to the ward, during which the visiting Hope Channel cardiologist examined him and had no further seizures,” the report said. report.

The medical report further began that an ECHO performed by Dr Rowlinson confirmed the tetralogy of Fallot which showed that there was swollen accessory tricuspid tissue in the subaortic region, it was released and was not no more problems. “It remains stable on ferrous sulfate 200 mg OD and Propranolol 20 mg TDS.”

In the report, it was recommended that “the child currently needs heart surgery to repair his heart defect, which is not practiced in The Gambia. The patient is advised to seek pediatric surgical management abroad.

Meanwhile, his father said the child was in fifth grade and had difficulty concentrating in class or even playing with his peers. Let him normally stay at home because he gets weak so easily.

The patient’s family is seeking help from philanthropists, NGOs, government and individuals and for any help to save Saifulie Jallow’s life you can reach him or the parent at one of these phone numbers 3724145 , 7680977 or 2433772.

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