Family Medical Assistance/Maryland Children’s Health Program (MCHP)


Phone: 410-222-4792

What is Family Medical Assistance/MCHP?

Medical Assistance For Families/MCHP is a health insurance program for residents of Maryland that provides comprehensive medical benefits to the following individuals:

  • Parents or other family members who care for the children
  • Children up to 21 years old
  • Pregnant women of any age

What is MCHP Premium?

MCHP Premium is a health insurance program for residents of Maryland whose family income is above the Medical Assistance for Families/MCHP family income limit. MCHP Premium applicants complete the same application as MCHP applicants, and MCHP Premium provides full medical benefits to:

What is Medical Assistance for Single Adults?

Medicaid has been expanded to provide medical benefits to:

  • Single adults without children up to age 65

To qualify for Medical Assistance for Families/MCHP and Medical Assistance for Single Adults, you must:

  • Provide proof of citizenship and identity and/or proof of lawful permanent residence.
  • Pay a monthly premium (MCHP Premium only). To see: Get an estimate

Is proof of U.S. citizenship and proof of identity required for Family Medical Assistance/MCHP and Single Adult Medical Assistance?

Yes, you will need to provide proof of U.S. citizenship or lawful permanent residence and provide proof of identity. Click here (PDF) for a list of the types of items you can show to prove your citizenship and identity. You can bring the documents to the Department of Health or mail photocopies of the documents. At some point, you may need to show the actual document to your Ministry of Health social worker for verification.

Click here for an Affidavit of Identity for a Child Under 16 (PDF).

How to apply?

How do you submit outstanding verifications?

  • In line: Maryland Health Connection. Upload documents through your account in the consumer portal.
  • In person: Visit a local health department, Department of Social Services or Connector entity.
  • By email: Send photocopies of documents to Maryland Health Connection, PO Box 857, Lanham, MD 20703

More information:

  • For web information about the Maryland Medical Assistance for Families Program, visit Maryland Health Connection.
  • For health resources for mothers and babies: Healthy moms and babies
  • For more information on the Maryland Insurance Administration, which regulates Maryland’s insurance industry and helps ensure consumer protection, see MIA Highlights.

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