Duchess International Hospital inaugurated in Lagos, poised to reverse medical tourism


A 100-bed hospital with general and specialist care facilities, Duchess International Hospital, debuted in Lagos with the promise of building capacity and turning the tide of people traveling abroad for medical treatment .

This is to provide an impressive range of advanced and highly sophisticated facilities in a variety of specialties, including Africa’s most advanced cardiac catheterization suite (catheterization lab) to provide minimally invasive cardiological (interventional) treatments. and “open heart” surgeries.

Duchess Hospital Board Chairman Dr Adeyemi Onabowale said the commissioning of the hospital has raised the bar for healthcare standards in Nigeria, where the best hospital care will be provided with world-class hospitality service.

He added: “We are delighted to have assembled an exceptional team of healthcare professionals. Our clinical leadership and expert consultants have distinguished themselves during careers in the National Health Service (NHS) UK, USA and various strong clinical programs in other parts of the world.

Dr Onabowale said the hospital intends to work with the Nigerian Postgraduate Medical College to address the training gap for fellows in residence by providing facilities and expertise for fellows’ use.

Duchess International Hospital General Manager Dr Adetokunbo Shitta-Bey said Nigeria loses significant funds every year in medical tourism to international destinations around the world, and the hospital’s mission will be to ” to reverse medical tourism by providing the highest standards of care and providing patients with the fastest and most convenient access to the best medical expertise available anywhere in the world.

Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and special guest of honor at the commissioning of the hospital, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, in his remarks, said the hospital is a prime example of excellence and d innovation in the Nigerian health industry, which in the long run will transform the health and socioeconomic well-being of individuals and communities across the country.


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The Duchess International Hospital inaugurated in Lagos | The Duchess International Hospital inaugurated in Lagos | Duchess International Hospital inaugurated in Lagos


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