Door-to-door medical assistance program launched in urban areas of Madurai


After being launched in rural areas of the district last month, the Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam program, which aims to provide door-to-door medical assistance to people over 45 and others with disabilities, has was inaugurated Wednesday within the limits of the company.

The Minister of Commercial Taxes and Registration, P. Moorthy, launched the program in district 25 of the Corporation and the Minister of Finance PTR Palanivel Thiagarajan launched it in district 82 by distributing medical kits to a few people at their home.

The collector S. Aneesh Sekhar and the curator of the company KP Karthikeyan were present.

So far, 5,179 people in the district have benefited from the program in rural areas. Medical kits were provided to 2,413 people with hypertension, 1,343 diabetics and 1,018 hypertensive and diabetic. Physiotherapy treatments were also provided under this program.

On the first day, medical kits were distributed to around 300 beneficiaries in Kannanenthal and 686 beneficiaries in Simmakkal.

Mr. Palanivel Thiagarajan, after pointing out the vehicle that would be used for the program, said that part of the medical assistance that was usually provided in PHC is now available at people’s doorsteps.

“In this time of a pandemic, such an initiative will help people line up in hospitals. To follow up with the drug, people can still contact PHC about once a month. “

The program is implemented with the support of health workers, nurses, health volunteers and physiotherapists.


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