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The agricultural company, Tedama farms Limited, has unveiled the first greenhouse of its kind in the community of Elebele in the Ogbia council area of ​​Bayelsa state.
Speaking to reporters during a tour of the farm, company general manager Barr. Ebelema Terry Danadana, said the farm was made of local materials.
He noted that contrary to the common practice that most Nigerian farmers import the equipment needed for greenhouse farms from China and other countries, his farm has spared no effort to source these materials from within. the country, just as he reiterated that when using locally sourced materials, the farm was already producing the expected results.
Danadana, who is also chairman of the SPDC-owned Kolo Creek Cluster Development Board (KCDB), while reaffirming his desire to create jobs for the many unemployed young people through his business, mentioned Tedama Farms as his second farm. .
He claimed that besides the greenhouse farms in which he planted varieties of pepper, he also started the breeding of no less than 30,000 fry of different species of fish, has more than ten thousand birds in his farm poultry farming and started a snail farm, among other things.
The Tide learned that greenhouse farming is the growing of plants and vegetable crops in a structure with walls and a roof made of transparent materials and that the interior of a greenhouse when exposed to the sun is warmer than the outside temperature, protecting the plants from extreme conditions. .
While calling on the government and its institutions to make available incentives in terms of funds for the farmers to enable them to expand their farms for the purpose of food production and job creation, the CEO/DG of Tedama revealed that he currently has no less than ten employees under the farm’s paymaster role, noting that as the farm progresses, he would hire additional manpower.
“This is my second farm. It is located on twenty-two (22) plots of land to begin with. But we actually started in 2014. Today we have over 30,000 fingerlings of different types of fish.
“As you can see, we also have greenhouse farms made of locally sourced materials, as opposed to importing the necessary materials from China and other parts of the world. We have planted green pepper, red , etc.
“We have a snail farm with hatchery. We have started the construction of the administration building for the staff of our farms and God willing we will hire more manpower for this farm so that the world will see and know that as a state, the Bayelsans began to do well in animal husbandry. This is our vision as a company,” he said.
“I call on the government to ensure that whenever agricultural loans and other incentives for farmers are disbursed, they reach the real farmers who need them so that they can expand and diversify their farming business and create jobs for people as well as produce enough food available for Bayelsa State in particular and Nigeria in general.
“I want to ask young people and anyone who is unemployed not to wait for white collar jobs that don’t show up. They should engage in farming and work overtime, they will be glad they did,” he added.

By: Ariwera Ibibo-Howells, Yenagoa


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