Delta State Government invests in health care to curb medical tourism – Okowa​ – Nigerian Observer


The Governor of Delta State, Senator (Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa has said that the huge investment made by his administration in the health sector is aimed at improving health care delivery and reducing medical tourism in the country.

Okowa, who is the vice-presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), revealed this in an interview with reporters shortly after inspecting the facilities of the Advanced Diagnostic Medical Center and the Mother Hospital. -child, Owa-Alero in Ika Northeast Local Government Area. of State.

He said that once completed, the twin medical facilities would reduce medical tourism as they would provide first-class medical services to people who sought medical treatment abroad.

While saying that the Mother and Child Hospital would take care of all diseases concerning women and children, the Governor said that the Advanced Diagnostic Medical Center would take care of all kinds of medical procedures. investigation in radiology and other laboratory analyses.

“I’m glad we got to this place. I had high hopes that by today we would have inaugurated these projects.

“We are working behind schedule, there is no doubt about it, but I have just been reassured that within a month the projects will be ready.

“The equipment is fully in place and we are trying to sort things out completely and I’m sure within the next month it should be ready and open to the public.

“Both projects are obviously very important. The Mother and Child, as it says, are supposed to take care of all the diseases concerning our wives and children.

“While the Advanced Diagnostics Center is going to take care of all sorts of investigative procedures both in radiology and other lab tests that they need to do.

“The advanced diagnostic medical center will also be a center that will be involved in treatments. There is so much material here. But until they finish that build, they wouldn’t be fully installed,” he said.

Speaking further, Governor Okowa said that major infrastructure projects executed by his administration would be inaugurated between November and December this year.

However, he pointed out that many projects carried out by his administration, especially the multiple road projects, were already put to good use by the Deltans upon completion, adding that he did not have to go and start inaugurating them all. before you can use them.

On the state’s new technical colleges, the governor said students were already admitted to three of them, which he listed as including Uvwie, Obiaruku and Asaba technical colleges, adding that the technical schools of Asaba and Uvwie will start their academic activities by next week while that of Obiaruku will start in October this year.

“These schools are really well planned and we have a lot of equipment to teach the children. Academic and non-academic staff have already been hired and are currently undergoing training.

“There are still so many other projects going on. For example, the 160 km dualisation that we are building from Asaba to Ughelli is one of them.

“We also have several bridges that we are building. I plan to visit one or two of them. I also hope to find time to cross the Trans-Warri road and the bridges.

“I think by December, many key projects will be completed and we will inaugurate projects in the dry season. September and October are still the rainy season and I would not like to fix the inauguration of the project in this period of time.

“But for any completed project, we put it to good use. There is no need to wait for the inauguration because the project is for the people, the inauguration is a party,” the governor added.


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