Cyprus: words but no action for medical tourism


Cypriot leaders understand the need to promote medical tourism, but the government has made no concrete plans to help.

Deputy Minister of Tourism Savvas Perdios recently spoke about two government projects aimed at strengthening the Cypriot tourism sector, with a particular focus on medical tourism.

In his statement, he said:

“We are talking about a qualitative improvement of the services provided by existing units with clear objectives, such as their digital transition, their energy transition and the upgrading or addition of health, well-being and life aid. It is an admission that as Cyprus we have not developed enough in health and wellness tourism which are an important part of special forms of tourism – so all this will help the hospitality industry appeal to a high-income segment of the market that remains grossly underutilized.

Many governments around the world have targeted medical tourism as a sector for development as it helps them diversify their tourism industry while being able to attract year-round visitors, which builds long-term sustainability.

But medical tourism is influenced by a number of factors, all of which Cyprus needs to consider when investing in the segment to enhance its appeal. These factors include affordability, specialized and high-quality health care, ease of access and immediacy of service, confidentiality and anonymity, as well as satisfactory communication and ease of organization of a procedure.

Cypriot politicians have been talking for years about promoting medical tourism, but have yet to promote or provide funds to support the sector.


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