Costa Rica wants to promote medical tourism to Qataris


Costa Rica aims to attract more Qataris who seek high-quality medical treatment, offering world-class but inexpensive healthcare services, Costa Rican Ambassador Mariano Segura said.
“One of our goals is to attract many nationals from Qatar and the GCC region, as we offer excellent medical treatment and we receive a large number of visitors from the United States, Europe, America South and other countries,” the envoy told the Gulf Times. .
Costa Rica, a small country in Central America that receives thousands of people with varying healthcare needs every year, is a popular destination for medical tourism.
From cosmetic anti-aging to dental treatments, eye and plastic surgery, among other medical services, Segura said Costa Rica is one of the leading countries in Latin America in terms of providing health care. exceptional health. Hospitals and clinics have multilingual staff and use state-of-the-art medical facilities. The cost in Costa Rica, the envoy pointed out, is only a fraction of the rates in North American and European countries.
Along with high-quality medical services, Segura pointed out that Costa Rican healthcare providers also provide patients with the best possible recovery as they are home to breathtaking landscapes and pristine beaches, mountains, valleys and forests. “It’s much better than being in the middle of a city, so we provide everything in a complete package,” the envoy said.
Segura also sees huge potential for collaboration between the two countries in the field of health, as it creates a way for exchanges and for visitors to the region to visit Costa Rica and benefit from these types of medical services.
Segura said he is also courting Qatari investors, through the Qatar Chamber, and is considering bringing a delegation to Costa Rica, which offers an array of investment opportunities in sectors including tourism, hospitality , real estate and ports.
He hopes to soon see more Qataris and visitors from various GCC countries in Costa Rica – “a popular leisure and business destination that has plenty on offer.”
As the Covid-19 situation continues to improve, he expressed confidence that bilateral relations with Qatar in various fields are expected to improve further in the months and years to come. He expects high-level state visits to take place in the near future, in addition to the signing of a number of agreements.
According to Segura, the Costa Rican embassy also wants to strengthen its cooperation with Qatar in the areas of trade and investment, agriculture, education, research and development, culture, sports and of aviation.


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