City of Hope National Cancer Medical Center Reported Results (Medicare Advantage Networks and Access To High-Volume Cancer Surgery Hospitals): Cancer


25 NOV 2021 (NewsRx) – By a Journalist-Staff News Editor at Daily Health Policy and Law – The results of cancer research are discussed in a new report. According to information published on Duarte, California, by the editors of NewsRx, the research said, “To determine the impact of Medicare Advantage (MA) health plan networks on access to high-volume hospitals for cancer surgery. Cancer surgery in high volume hospitals is associated with better short and long term outcomes. “

Our press reporters got a research citation from City of Hope National Medical Center, “In the United States, health insurance is a major barrier to seeking care in high-volume hospitals. One-third of older Americans (> 65) are enrolled in privatized MA health plans. The impact of MA plan networks on access to high-volume surgical hospitals is unknown. We analyzed network hospitals for MA plans offered in Los Angeles County during the 2015 open enrollment. For the purpose of this analysis, data from the MA network of supplier directories was linked to volume data from hospitals in California Bureau of Statewide Health Planning and Development. Volume thresholds were based on published literature. In total, 34 MA plans registered 554,754 beneficiaries in Los Angeles County in 2014, registration opened for coverage from 2015 (MA penetration similar to 43%). The proportion of AD plans that included a large-volume cancer surgery hospital varied by type of cancer surgery. While most plans (> 71%) included at least one high volume hospital for colon, rectum, lungs and stomach; 59% to 82% of MA plans did not call for a high-volume hospital for liver, esophagus or pancreatic surgery. A significant proportion of MA plan beneficiaries did not have access to high-volume hospitals for surgery of the esophagus (93%), stomach (44%), liver (39%) or pancreas (70%). In contrast, almost all MAID recipients had access to at least one high-volume hospital for pulmonary (93%), colon (100%) or rectal (100%) surgery. Globally, Medicare and Medicaid Service Centers plan rating or plan popularity did not correlate with high volume hospital access (P> 0.05). “

According to the editors, the research concluded: “The study identifies the lack of high-volume hospital coverage in MA health plans as a major detriment in the regionalization of cancer surgery affecting at least a third of Americans over aged. “

This research has been peer reviewed.

For more information on this research, see: Medicare Advantage networks and access to high-volume Cancer surgery hospitals. Annals of Surgery, 2021; 274 (4). Annals of Surgery can be contacted at: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Two square shops, 2001 market street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103, United States. (Lippincott Williams and; Annals of Surgery –

Our journalists point out that additional information can be obtained by contacting Mustafa Raouf, City of Hope National Medical Center, Department of Surgery, 1500 E, Duarte road, Duarte, California 91010, United States. Additional authors of this research include Gretchen Jacobson and Yuman Fong.

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