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Children’s Hospital & Medical Center recognizes two pioneers of excellence in pediatric health care Kim Duncan, MD Paul Esposito, MD Children’s Hospital & Medical Center recognizes the retirements of Kim Duncan, MD, and Paul Esposito, MD , two pediatric surgeons who have advanced pediatric medicine and improved the lives of thousands of children through their compassionate and expert care. Congenital Heart Surgeon Kim Duncan, MD, was instrumental in establishing the Children’s Congenital Heart Surgery Program to treat children requiring cardiac surgical care. In 29 years at The Children’s, Dr. Duncan has operated on more than 5,500 children and young adults and has mentored numerous cardiothoracic (CT) surgeons and CT surgical fellows. In addition to serving as Chief of CT Surgery at Children’s, Dr. Duncan also held that position at Nebraska Medicine, where he reintroduced the Heart Failure and Heart Transplant program, subsequently expanding these programs to Children’s. His leadership and emphasis on teamwork is evident in the many CT surgeons he has trained and in his compassion for children with congenital heart disease and their families. Paul Esposito, MD, has made the Children’s Pediatric Orthopedic Program a national and international leader in the care of osteogenesis imperfecta (OI). During his 35 years at The Children’s, Dr. Esposito has built a multidisciplinary team to treat children with deformities of the extremities, congenital disorders and cerebral palsy, as well as bone disorders such as OI, also known under the name of brittle bone disease. Dr. Esposito has trained surgeons and treated patients around the world with minimally invasive surgery to improve the lives of people with OI. During his tenure at The Children’s, Dr. Esposito served as Chief of Pediatric Orthopedics, Liaison Physician, and most recently Chief Surgeon. He has trained hundreds of nurses, medical students and orthopedic surgical residents. Children’s Hospital is grateful for the important contributions of these two surgeons and their dedication to improving the lives of children and ensuring a strong future of exceptional pediatric care.


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