Caring for heart and soul: Sephardic medical center set to open this fall


“We will be opening in the fall of this year,” Dr. David Orfali proudly announced in an exclusive interview with Community Magazine. He was referring to the grand opening of Sephardic Medical Center, a groundbreaking medical facility built specifically to serve the needs of New York’s Sephardic Jewish community and provide them with the highest quality healthcare, beginning in September this year. .

The innovative facility will provide primary health care and preventive services to adults and children. They intend to recruit six doctors in the first year after its establishment. The facility includes capabilities to perform on-site blood work and testing, as well as X-ray services.

“Something wonderful to bring”

A Brooklyn native to the Syrian Jewish community, Dr. Orfali studied medicine at Touro University School of Medicine and then continued his residency training at Garnet Health Medical Center in upstate New York. He is currently board certified in Family Medicine, treating all age groups, and a faculty member at the prestigious NYU Langone Health. And he now looks forward to sharing his expertise and insight with our community in the best possible way.

“For a very long time, I personally felt that as a community we lacked a central location to turn to,” says Dr Orfali. “I also realized how much our community would benefit from such a move. So I decided to take this initiative myself. I built this setup from scratch, from an idea that came to me about two years ago. And finally, today we have something wonderful to contribute to our community.

“The process was long and complex,” he recalls. “It took a lot of planning. We first started with our search for a building, which turned out to be very tedious. Once completed, we engaged an architectural firm specializing in medical facilities and a very dedicated design team to plan the layout of our building. We spend countless hours in the planning stages, meticulously reviewing every detail to ensure the most up-to-date features. In the end, it was worth it!”

Dr. Orfali explains that the new facility — which will be called Sephardic Medical Center — will be affiliated with NYU Langone Health.

“We are very fortunate to have them as an affiliate partner to provide medical care to our community,” he enthuses. “We have built a strong relationship with their leadership, and the support they have given our team has been incredible to say the least. Our electronic medical record system will be directly linked to NYU vendors in New York City, so if one of our patients is seen by an NYU provider outside of our facility, we will have immediate access to records and be able to communicate more effectively with those specialists.

“We Really Care”

Addressing the specific health issues facing our community, Dr. Orfali says, “We need to provide more in-depth preventative care. I can’t stress enough that screenings are crucial for preventative care because they help us identify problems in the early stages, giving us the best chance for better outcomes. For example, all adults should be screened for colon cancer starting at age forty-five. Similarly, women should be screened for breast cancer from the age of forty. The list continues. I myself place a lot of importance on ‘educating’ my patients about these very important screenings and making sure they are well informed of the benefits. As the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure!”

Along with the highest professional standards, says Dr. Orfali, the center is also committed to providing a personal touch.

“The satisfaction of our patients is something we will always take into account. It’s probably the most important part of who we are. For example, our pediatric waiting room will have an aquarium and iPad stations for visiting children. This was added to help relieve their stress before seeing their doctor. Again, we take care of every detail because we really care about you.

“Patient access is another important aspect. The center will operate daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. It will be closed on Shabbat and holidays, with some sort of emergency cover. The building will be centrally located on Coney Island Avenue, between U and V Avenues, with on-site parking for patient convenience. The facility will be equipped to provide service in English, Arabic and Hebrew.

Dr. Orfali adds, “I want our members to know that this is a space where everyone will feel well taken care of. We will do everything we can within our abilities to ensure that our patients are healthy and happy. »

A new state-of-the-art medical center in the heart of the community marks an important milestone and will take us to the next level of health care and health awareness. If the past two and a half years have taught us anything, it is the importance of quality health care and health education. Dr. Orfali hopes the new facility will help propel our community to the cutting edge of health care and keep us all as healthy as possible.


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