Blockchain to support medical tourism in Thailand


Authorities hope medical tourism powered by blockchain technology can help restore Thailand’s travel and hospitality industry. The National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) is spearheading this effort and exposed the opportunities and barriers to building a medical tourism blockchain platform in Thailand.

NIDA believes that rapidly evolving blockchain technology is the key to a rapid recovery in tourism and the transformation of the country into a destination for mass medical treatment.

He is spearheading the development of the hub by creating an online platform that provides tourists with easy-to-access medical and travel information.

Thai tourism chiefs have hailed the focus on technology as a way to boost the Kingdom’s post-Covid tourist appeal. The challenge is to create a platform with tour operators that meets both the tourist and medical needs of international travellers.

Authorities believe this is where blockchain will play a crucial role.

Blockchain-powered platforms allow doctors to create international patient profiles without the help of large hospitals. Medical tourists can use these platforms to consult doctors directly.

These channels will be used in the future to collect centralized data on each patient’s past, present and future treatment.


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