Baby costume contest held at Davis Hospital and Medical Center



LAYTON, Utah – Spaghetti and meatballs, a servant, a penguin and Wonder Woman are just a few of the costumes babies at Layton Davis Hospital and Medical Center wore to celebrate their first Halloween.

There is no gimmick here, these costumes are an absolute treat to watch.

Over the past month, 10 teams of nurses who work in the neonatal intensive care unit have been working to create handmade costumes for babies in the hospital over Holy Weekend.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center

The motivation behind the costumes was to provide a team building opportunity for nurses, to bring a holiday spirit to the unit, and to show how much nurses care about babies in the NICU.

Most importantly, the staff hope these costumes will help create a keepsake for parents of the babies and other family members who cannot visit the nursery or the NICU due to the pandemic.

The families were all thrilled to see what costume their baby would get and the costumes, which the families would be able to keep, were a reminder of the love and care nurses had while tending to the first moments of their child’s life.

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Davis Hospital and Medical Center

“We knew it would be a fun activity for nurses to show parents how much their little ones mean to us and how much we care about each of them,” said NICU Clinical Coordinator Keera Nielson. , in a press release.

While all of the babies are winners in our book, the costume contest winners were:

First place: spaghetti and meatballs
Second place: chick and egg
Third place: Minion


Davis Hospital and Medical Center


Davis Hospital and Medical Center


Davis Hospital and Medical Center



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