Azerbaijan has considerable potential for the development of medical tourism – Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council


BAKU, Azerbaijan, June 27. Azerbaijan has great potential for the development of medical tourism, Mohd Daud Mohd Arif, chief executive of the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), told Trend.

The CEO noted the high expectations for his first visit to Baku.

“We have several expectations related to our visit to Azerbaijan. One of them is to encourage tourism exchanges between Azerbaijan and Malaysia,” said Mohd Arif.

He also talked about medical tourism and the opportunities it offers.

“Medical tourism provides preventive and conductive health treatment, and other medical services to tourists from a particular country. The main goal is to develop the field globally. Azerbaijan has great capacity for development medical tourism Malaysia is ready to share its experience with Azerbaijan,” said Mohd Arif.

Speaking about medical tourism opportunities in Malaysia, he highlighted the quality of care provided by his country.

“Our healthcare system has strict regulations. Malaysia guarantees treatment at very affordable prices, so everyone has equal access to medical services. Prices for medical services in Malaysia are lower than in other country.

The MHTC, under the Ministry of Health, promotes Malaysia’s medical tourism industry by coordinating industry cooperation and creating valuable public-private partnerships at home and abroad,” said Mohd Arif.


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