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Medical tourism offers multiple opportunities for those with the appropriate qualifications and skills.

Medical tourism refers to people traveling to another country for medical treatment, in the hope of getting better, affordable, and more immediate care than they can get at home. It is not a question of looking for a radiant sky under which to recover. For those worried about the nature and cost of care, medical tourism offers the opportunity to be selective about health specialists as well as the appropriate facilities.


This space offers large vocation openings in medical marketing administrations, advertising and public relations, travel and tourism, international insurance, logistics and hospital supervision. Graduates or students who have passed Class 12 can easily opt for related courses. Several institutes in India offer certificates, diplomas, diplomas, postgraduate courses and even MBAs in the field. In fact, an MBA in this field is for those who are already working in the healthcare or tourism industry and want to expand their knowledge and skills.

Required Skills

People in this sector need to know what the different centers have to offer in order to be able to guide foreign patients in choosing the right establishment. They should know every detail of medical services, the travel industry, laws and guidelines administering medical tourism, visas and related necessities. Apart from that, they must have excellent communication, organizational and leadership skills. They must have the most recent information on estimates, content / medications, emergency clinic evaluations, accreditation data in addition to reports on political issues, visa restrictions, policies and procedures .


The field offers many opportunities in healthcare coupled with tourism such as health and wellness spas, hospitality and hotels, health and related services, Ayurveda and naturopathic clinics, travel and tourism agencies, insurance companies, to name a few. Job opportunities are available in positions such as client relationship managers, hospital administrators, medical tour consultants, in addition to physicians and other medical staff. Many patients from foreign countries come to India for special treatments ranging from cardiovascular surgery, eye care, dental solutions to orthopedic treatments. Moreover, Ayurvedic treatment in India also has many followers.

As a result, the sector is demanding but among the fastest growing industries with multiple employment opportunities.

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