April Yuma Regional Medical Center hack continues to impact patient care


FOX 9’s Adam Klepp spoke to a local cancer patient about problems with his appointments since the hack.

YUMA, Ariz. (KECY, KYMA) – Local Yumans made their voices heard at Wednesday’s Hospital District Board of Directors meeting.

“There is no hospital in this country that should stop services even if their computers are down. I don’t care if it’s hacked or not,” nurse practitioner Frances Davison said.

“It doesn’t feel like modern medicine when you can’t access your records that were there,” local resident Connie Whitener said.

Members of Hospital District Board One, elected by Yumans to work with the community hospital, say they have heard nothing from the hospital board about the hack.

But they heard from patients.

“She has stage 4 cancer and cannot receive her chemotherapy, now what must happen in the computer so that this woman does not receive her chemotherapy?” said Dr. Connie Uribe.

“This cyber hack really shows the weakness of the hospital administration,” said Dr Jeremy Curry.

Patients like Ron Buikema, currently battling stage four cancer, have been affected.

He says that right after the hack, the medication he is supposed to receive every week was delayed for one to two days, which severely affected his energy levels.

“I just fell…I had no strength left,” Ron said.

His wife Jan says navigating to get treatment for her husband of 61 years since the cyberattack has been stressful.

And that their MyCare patient portal still isn’t working.

“We couldn’t get the drugs and services we needed, whether it was chemotherapy or his blood transfusion,” Buikema said.

Jan says it’s inexcusable that the cyberattack affected patients for so long.

But says Thursday’s treatment went well and believes doctors are doing all they can to provide care.

“They try hard, they really do. The higher-ups could learn from some of their aides,”

We contacted YRMC to request an update on the cyber hack, but they provided us with the same statement they sent on May 9, saying in part:

“We are now moving to more normal operations and working to reschedule some services and appointments as quickly as possible.”

At this point, YRMC hasn’t mentioned when they expect to be back to where they were before the hack.


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