Afe Babalola University Hospital appeals against medical tourism


The Chief Medical Director of Ado-Ekiti Multi-System Hospital, Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti Dr. Kolawole Ogundipe has urged Nigerians to stop traveling abroad for medical treatment and to attend rather well-equipped hospitals with competent experts in the country for effective health insurance. as well as strengthening the country’s health sector.

Ogundipe said the fact that follow-up care, which was necessary for many treatments, could be difficult after receiving health insurance abroad made it imperative to sponsor well-equipped hospitals in the country for a benefit. better and efficient health care.

ABUAD MSH CMD spoke to reporters at Ado-Ekiti on Saturday about the hospital’s facilities and its proficiency in treating chronic kidney disease on the rise, said a total of six successful kidney transplants had were performed in the hospital.

He said: “In all, we have done six kidney transplants between October and now. They all succeeded. The three most recent kidney transplants performed within the week included a 15-year-old patient and two middle-aged men.

“No hospital in Nigeria has the number of dialysis facilities and experts that we exhibit. The machines perform 400 sections of dialysis per month. We even have specific machines to treat kidney patients with HIV or kidney disease. hepatitis B or C to prevent the risk of infection.

“Additionally, this hospital has performed more than 200 interventional and open-heart surgeries in the four years since it began operations.”

The CMD, who said four other patients were currently being screened for kidney transplants, said: “The main challenge has always been how to get the donors. We ensure that donors are blood relatives or socially related to patients, so that there is no reason for people to do so for financial gain.

People shouldn’t sell their organs, it’s against the law.

“Our citizens, especially the wealthy people, should stop unnecessary overseas medical tourism, ABUAD MSH is a perfect destination of choice that can provide affordable and effective medical treatment.

“They should stop unnecessary medical tourism outside the country which can come with problems related to the lack of subsequent follow-up. At ABUAD MSH here, we follow patients and serve as their caregivers,” Ogundipe said.

A consultant nephrologist and coordinator of the kidney transplant program at the hospital, Dr Stephen Oguntola, said post-transplant observations of all patients showed they were all in stable medical conditions and responding well with reassurance. full recovery from kidney disease.

The 15-year-old, who was in good spirits, said she would like to study medicine and surgery to become a doctor given “the kindness, competence and efficiency of the medical staff who took care of me in this hospital.

“I feel better. ABUAD Hospital is much better than other hospitals around. The care I received here is much better than the care I received in other hospitals I went to before. get here,” she said.


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