a hidden gem of European medical tourism?


There are hundreds of private hospitals and clinics across the EU which, to some extent, cater to medical tourists, but Portugal rarely comes to mind. However, the country, particularly the Algarve, is arguably the hidden gem of European medical tourism.

In recent years, especially in the Algarve, private hospitals have developed strongly. Most of these hospitals are modern, high-tech and equipped with the latest technologies. Portuguese doctors and surgeons are highly skilled and skilled.

In the Algarve there are three private hospital groups. The largest is the HPA (Algarve Private Hospitals) which has its largest and most modern hospital five minutes from Faro airport. The Hôpital Particulier de Gambelas offers a wide range of specialties ranging from cancer treatment to cardiac surgery and orthopaedics.

The HPA Alvor Hospital in Lisbon offers cosmetic surgery services and now offers an adjacent hotel, the Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel, for extended health and beauty treatments, as well as ongoing accommodation during recovery.

For elective surgery, Portuguese private hospitals are very competitive compared to Northern Europe.

Lisbon and Porto also have other private hospitals offering all types of surgery and treatment. In Lisbon and Porto, the best-known group is the CUF, which has 18 hospitals and clinics.


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