30-day temporary suspension of recommendations for physician-assisted dying


Nova Scotia Health says it faces significant backlog caused by increased demand for the service

The Nova Scotia Department of Health will temporarily suspend recommendations for medical assistance in dying (MAID) for 30 days while facing a significant backlog caused by increased demand for the service. The program has already exceeded the total number of referrals received in 2020 and is working to secure assessments and procedures for those on the waiting list.

“Our priority is to focus on those who are currently waiting to support them throughout the process. It is important that we are transparent about our situation and the potential for extended wait times. We know that waiting for an MDA assessment or procedure can be a source of increased distress and anxiety for patients, their families and others who support them, and we want to minimize this as much as possible ”, explains Dr Gord Gubitz, Clinical Manager of the AMM. “We continue to work to prioritize patients, families and our MAID care providers in this process. “

The AMM Access and Resources team strives to reduce wait times and resume referrals as quickly as possible. Nova Scotia Health will immediately begin work to hire a full time nurse practitioner to help support this work.

“We owe a big thank you to the clinicians who support this service across the province. If you are a physician or nurse practitioner who may have the temporary or continuing capacity to participate in the MAID process, please contact our team at 902-454-0379. We can provide training and support, and we need you more than ever, ”says Dr Gubitz.



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