14-year-old uses digital art to help children in need of medical care



Isha also runs digital art workshops to help kids with COVID-19 supplies. She doodles, draws and paints that come to life digitally and broadcasts live on Youtube on the same topic every week to create a digital network. A 10th grade student at the city’s Church Park School, Isha decided to do a digital art workshop because she wanted to do something on her own for COVID-19 relief.

She raised Rs. 25,000 / in the workshop and donated COVID-19 supplies to the children’s section of the Adyar Cancer Institute with help from the Rotary Club of Madras Central. In addition, BNI Chennai Executive Director K Sunil supported her workshop to raise funds for a newborn baby with vision problems.

Isha donated an amount of Rs. 20,000 to the same to the Gurupriya Vision Research Foundation project and helped a newborn baby undergo eye surgery to prevent blindness.

“It is very encouraging to be able to help children with the medical assistance required. While there is a lot of personal support and appreciation that comes to me, nothing equals the satisfaction of being able to support those in need. I want to pursue a career in digital art and help people in all mediums through such fundraisers, ”Isha said.

She plans to hold more workshops on offline and online platforms to raise funds to support a cause. “The workshop is aimed at a wider audience in all age groups and I want to develop an audience through online platforms and hold more offline events after COVID-19 releases,” Isha added.


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